Basic BundleBrand: Wise Company

Weight: 135 lbs

People: 1

Number of servings: 720

Total calories: 264,960

Main Features: 6 airtight buckets with handles and locking mechanism; portable generator, ideal for lighting and keeping the appliances or medical equipment going; “solar backpack” with solar batteries/panels and other survival tools like blankets, ponchos, flashlights, portable stoves, etc.

Use: Any type of survival scenario

Price: 2,539.99$


This bulk survival food kit really covers it all!

It features enough food for a whole year for 1 person, accompanied by enough power to get you through the thickest of emergency times. The shelf life of the food is 25 years.

The aforementioned 6 buckets offer 2 meals per day, ranging from creamy pasta and cheesy lasagna to crunchy granola and apple cinnamon cereal. There are 17 different meals in total. All the food is sealed within mylar pouches, with 4 servings per pouch.

The food is either freeze-dried or vacuum-sealed, depending on the dish in question. Mylar ensures a proper airtight seal, which forms a two-pronged protection, alongside the bucket containers.

The solar backpack contains 5 days’ worth of supplies. It’s a combo between food/water and survival tools like blankets, matches, portable stove, first aid kits, and hygiene kits, among other items. If you already have all of the supplies on hand, this backpack makes for a great prepper’s gift to someone who needs to up their survival game.

About the company

wise food storage review

Wise Company offers everything you need in order to survive any major or minor disaster or fully enjoy a camping trip with your friends and family. Learn more about it in this objective review.

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Updated :10.21.2020.
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