If you want to find out whether someone is a novice or a seasoned survivalist, just look at their choice of equipment. Knowing what you must possess in every situation and what is often nothing but excess baggage makes all the difference. We are here to show you how to be smart about your equipment selection and travel light while maximizing your chances of survival. Discover the must-haves that should always be kept at hand and avoid the risks that come with poor equipment choices.

Machetes For Survival

6 Best Machetes For Survival

Depending on your immediate surroundings and the path to your bug our shelter, a good machete can be a true lifesaver. Read our guide on the matter for further info and our list of prominent recommendations.

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6 Steps To Build Expedient Snowshoes

Calamities don’t care about your convenience or timetable. Moreover, they can strike in the middle of winter, catching you off-guard. Read our detailed guide on how to make a reliable set of snowshoes.

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