Legacy Premium PackageBrand: Legacy

Weight: 1,104.6 lbs

People: 1

Number of servings: 4,320

Total calories: 1,604,610

Main Features: Sealed square containers; ultimate healthy meals, no GMO, trans fats, HFCS, low in cholesterol and sodium, high in fiber, vegetarian-friendly  

Use: Any type of survival scenario

Price: 8,790.97$


Legacy is the king of data. You’ll get surgically precise info about every single meal. You’ll know exactly about your intake of calories, fats, carbs, fiber, and protein per serving.

The shelf life is 25 years. Every meal comes with an air absorber, which should be removed before preparation. Furthermore, they all come in airtight mylar bags, the established industry standard by now. An oxygen absorber is packed on top of the Nitrogen flush.

By the very number of calories, you can see that this kit is stacked with high-quality food.

Honorable mentions include free shipping and satisfaction guarantee. Free shipping applies to every order in the north region of 50 bucks. The downside, however, is the fact that it’s not valid for shipping outside the lower 48 states.

The kit has 23 different meals. Nothing fancy or out there, but all the signature dishes you would expect are there. The food is traditionally easy to prepare and the taste is great for the most part. There are a few misses here and there, but those are rare exceptions.

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Legacy Premium Package Review
Updated :11.29.2023.
Rating : 8.7/10
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