Food is simultaneously our most valuable and most vulnerable resource to date. As such, it definitely merits a bit of probing in search of alternatives to our local grocery store. This in-depth Valley Food Storage review will definitively unearth whether this company is a boom or bust once we’re out of the frying pan and in the fire.

Valley Food Storage began its tale in 2005, when its founder discovered his long-term food supply ruined. Horrified at the sight of misshapen cans, he put his mind and matter into turning every food package into a veritable “time-capsule.”

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Why Choose Valley Food Storage

Starting from the top, the packaging might seem a bit too “utilitarian” or prosaic. However, this Valley Food Storage review puts heavy emphasis on quality rather than bells and whistles. The bags are high-quality mylar, which protects your food from light, heat, oxygen, moisture, and rodents. It’s no wonder they can offer a guaranteed 25 years of shelf life. They are also resealable. You will definitely recognize all the ingredients listed in the charts. More importantly, unhealthy food additives are definitely nowhere to be found.

All of the products are made without GMO, hydrogenated oils, preservatives or MSG (Monosodium-Glutamate). MSG is one of the non-essential amino acids, commonly used as a flavor intensifier, which means all of the flavors in Valley Food Storage come from the food itself. This, of course, requires real food without any fillers for lowering production prices. This spells quality in the book of every prepper worthy of the name.

As far as special dietary needs are concerned, their “menu” accommodates gluten and dairy-free options. Actually, almost all of the products are dairy-free. The containers (mylar bags) are flushed with nitrogen rather than vacuum packed. Instead of sucking the oxygen out, it is “forced” out via Nitrogen gas (N2). This is a superior procedure by far for several reasons:

  • The seal is much sturdier
  • Prevents food from clumping
  • The bag is easier to open
  • Delicate foods stay protected since pressurized atmosphere prevents the package from collapsing

The inside of the package holds a freeze-dried meal of your choice, which doesn’t look all that bombastic, to be honest. The powder you will also see is a dehydrated sauce (garlic, Worcestershire, dried milk…). The taste, on the other hand, is out of this world – even after collecting dust on a shelf for a couple of years.

None of the items are imported or “assembled” anywhere in the world besides the US of A. Lastly, this section of the Valley Food Storage review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that you can get a free sample if you’re on the fence about trying their products (plus the shipping – a big caveat!).


This Valley Food Storage review will paint their product picture in wide strokes since they’re too spread across-the-board for a nitty gritty approach. “Food” in their name tends to be a bit deceptive, as it doesn’t include the rest of the offer.

Speaking of food, here are the primary segments, which put the expression “brimming with choices” into proper perspective:

  • Kits and combos 1/3/6 months or a full year plan – premade or completely customized
  • Fruits and vegetables – single portions or a 6-month supply of fruits and vegetables
  • Meats – diced beef, chicken, sausage, and beef crumbles
  • Entrees –  a plethora of choices, divided into breakfast, lunch/dinner, and sides/desserts
  • Eggs and dairy – milk and several kinds of cheese; surprisingly, no eggs to be found
Valley Food Storage Fruit

In the “coming soon” section, there’s pasta, cereal, grains, legumes, beans, and drink mixes. Besides meals with extra-long shelf life, they also offer systems to assure a proper water supply. Many of us think food-first when it comes to fight-or-flight situations, but having a steady stream of pure water in an inhospitable environment makes all the difference between living to fight another day or well, not…

Here’s what they have to offer in that regard:

  • Water storage
  • Filtration – Everything from life straws and fluoride/arsenic reduction elements to 6-gallon Crown Berkey
  • Purification – Purification tablets, paired with UV purifiers    

It’s all you’ll ever need for supplying your loved ones with pure drinking water for the long run. Many of the known preppers use water filtration systems even as we speak. There’s no need for a major calamity to strike in order to drink the cleanest water possible, right?

Under “supplies,” we truly have a prepper’s dream come true. You won’t exactly find your bug out bag just waiting to happen, but you’ll surely fill a decent portion of it. Don’t expect any survival tools here, this is a food company before anything else.

These are the emergency supplies they have to offer:

  • Emergency food – emergency 2-week family supply
  • Emergency kits medical and food kit for 96 hours, 72-hour family kit…
  • Freeze dryers for home use Harvest Right
  • Power supplies – solar kits, fan tools, batteries and adapters, rail panels… 
  • Lighting – a long array of flashlights, including the “Lighthouse” brand  

If you dig deep enough, you can also find some humorous-but-useful gift options. One of the most original is the 55-gallon water barrel, described as the “perfect” gift for newlyweds.

Valley Food Storage Supply Kit


Before anything, you get FREE shipping on all of the products currently offered. No need to brainstorm about the distance between their headquarters and your home, just press order and wait for your long-term alimentation plan to arrive without any hidden surcharges. This sounds too good to be true – and it somewhat is. Namely, the said “free” shipping” is meant only for the lower 48 states. The real info is well tucked into their return policy. So, be mindful of geography when ordering.

The moment you order something, it will be shipped within five business days, if the ordered items are in stock. Once the order leaves the warehouse, the tracking info will be sent within the next 24 hours. As far as refunds are concerned, their policy has you covered for the first 30 days. There are several conditions that must be met for a successful refund, depending on what you want to return.

  • High-quality packaging (mylar bags)
  • Excellent taste
  • Natural and recognizable ingredients only
  • Nitrogen flushed bags rather than vacuum sealed
  • Sturdy seal
  • 25-year guarantee of shelf life
  • No GMO, MSG, trans fats, preservatives…
  • Huge assortments of non-food emergency items
  • Gluten and dairy-free options
  • Free trial


  • Semi-deceptive free shipping add
  • Only 30-day refund policy

Bottom Line

“Yesterday was the only easy day,” say the Navy Seals. We can definitely learn something along those lines from this Valley Food Storage review. Don’t put up building your own long-term food and water supply for tomorrow anymore!

This company has been prepping us for the worst nearly 12 years now. They’ve made quite the name for themselves with sheer quality rather than fancy packaging and attractive stickers. It’s here because “it just works,” to quote “The Purge”. If you ever get discouraged along the way, just keep this one in mind. Was it raining when Noah started building his ark?

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Todd Clifton on 02.07.2017
    The meals are tasty beyond expectations. The expiration date is not on the packaging, though, so you basically have to project for yourself. You still have to give the meal a good 15-min simmer, so in case of an electric blackout, I don’t know…
  • Submitted By Jefferson Blake on 02.13.2017
    I’ve been keeping my Valley Food Storage supplies in my basement for 3 years now. Finally we cracked open some chicken, cooked it and it was awesome! Gonna order more
  • Submitted By Austin Barnes on 02.17.2017

    The food is generally ok, and I can’t really speak about the shelf life, yet. My personal opinion for now is that it’s too expensive for the quality.
  • Submitted By Mary Katherine Alms on 02.22.2017

    My neighbour bought a package and made me some classic chili out the bag to try it out. I couldn’t believe how tasty it was after it looked so miserable in the bag! Me and hubby got a 3-month supply, and it’s hitting the basement for rainy days
  • Submitted By Craig Da Silva on 04.03.2017
    Damn! I thoght them free samples were 100% free. Turn out I have a shiping to pay and I didn’t read that anywhere. Food is good thogh
Valley Food Storage Review
Updated : 2024-02-21
Rating : 9.8/10
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