7 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Being Lost

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Being alone in the wild is a scary situation for anybody, but being afraid is the last thing that you want to be. You need to be calm, collected and not fret over everything. You can overcome the fear of being lost, which will lead to being more productive and being able to get the stuff done that’s necessary for survival.

1. Stop whatever you’re doing

If you get lost, your first reaction would naturally be to freak out. You don’t have any way of knowing what the best thing to do is, and therefore you’ll naturally be scared. This is the last state of mind you want to be in. So stop, take a breath and calm down.

2. Survey the area

Surveying the area allows you to see what you have around you to work with. You want to see what you can do for the four major essentials – shelter, food, water and fire.

3. Make a plan

You may not have an idea how long you’ll be in the woods, but it won’t likely be longer than a few days. You need to try and make a plan for how long you’ll be in the wild.

4. Begin working to sidetrack your mind

Begin to work the moment you form a plan. This will help you overcome your fear, distract you and increase your chances of surviving.

5. Reassure yourself

If you planned effectively, you should be able to live in the wild for a while. It will help to reassure you that everything will be okay. Reassuring yourself if vital so you can manage to stay calm.

6. Relax after your work is done

Relaxation relieves your mind and stress in an ordinary day. The same goes for when you’re trapped in the woods. Relaxation allows you to clear your head and remove most of the fear that may be in your head.

7. Do whatever you can to prevent yourself from being afraid

Any of the above methods that seem to reduce your anxieties should be practiced often. Whether it’s to constantly keep your mind distracted through tasks or finding a peaceful state, do it.

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