6 Things To Avoid Doing When Trapped In The Wilderness

Trapped In The Wilderness
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There are several things that you can do that will harm you and decrease your chances of survival in the wilderness; everyone who’s trapped in the wild needs to avoid doing these 6 major things.

1. Avoid being nomadic

Being nomadic is being constantly on the move, similar to the Sioux Indians. This will decrease your chances of being found. If you stay in one spot and send distress signals from that spot, you’ll increase your chances of being found. Being nomadic could lead you deeper into the wilderness than you want to go, and ultimately make you harder to find.

2. Don’t litter

Although you’re in the wild and all alone, make sure you don’t leave traces of yourself behind. This can be very harmful to other wildlife, and they lived there before you came into the picture.


3. Avoid eating insecure sources of food

Some food sources in the wild may be safe for animals to eat, but not for you; they can be harmful or even fatal. This means that you shouldn’t eat any mushrooms or berries if you’re not completely sure you know what they are and if they’re edible or not (remember Hunger Games? Yep, same thing). If you even question it the slightest bit, it’s best to leave it alone and find something else.

4. Don’t get fearful

Fear is your weakness when you’re trapped in the wild. Fear can cause you to be unproductive and not think straight, so you must try your hardest to block out your anxieties.

5. Don’t waste your energy

Once you realize that you’re lost, don’t waste your energy yelling for help unless you’re near a well-traveled path. Save that energy and put it into making distress signals and focusing on your essentials – fire, shelter, water source etc.

6. Don’t allow yourself to get cold

Even in the summer months, temperatures usually drop to an uncomfortable degree when the sun goes down. Always be aware of hypothermia when you’re in the wild. Don’t keep working if you notice that your hands, feet, arms or legs are getting numb. This is a warning sign to warm up as quickly as possible. Build a nice, warm fire that will let off a lot of smoke that you can use for smoke signals and that will keep you nice and warm at the same time.

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