Wise Elite Survival KitBrand: Wise

Weight: 10 lbs.

Dimensions: 7 x 12 x 18 inches

Main Features: Wise Elite Survival Kit is an excellent earthquake preparedness kit for 72-hour survival. It’s designed for one person.

Use: Natural disaster preparedness

Price: $109.99


If you need a premium earthquake preparedness kit you want to keep in your car, office or basement/shelter, Wise Elite Survival Kit is a great choice. It’s very compact and comes in a high-quality multi-pocket backpack. It doesn’t require much storage space, yet it’s very convenient since you can add your own items.

It seems impossible that there’s enough space in this rather small emergency kit to feature all the items listed in its description. There’s everything you need for any emergency situation, from food and water supplies over extremely useful tools to a first aid kit.

Wise Elite Survival Kit provides six 400-calorie food bars. Not only will you have enough food to survive, you can also rest assured that there will be enough drinking water for 3 whole days and possibly even longer.

Wise Elite Survival Kit also includes a radio, LED flashlight, and a 30-hour emergency candle, as well as a 12-hour glow stick. In the kit, you can also find an emergency poncho and a body warmer that can keep you warm for 16-20 hours. Additionally, the kit includes a knife, N95 respirator dust mask, first aid kit, hygiene kit, and much more.

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Wise Company offers everything you need in order to survive any major or minor disaster or fully enjoy a camping trip with your friends and family. Learn more about it in this objective review.

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Updated :02.01.2023.
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