60 Serving Kit of Emergency Freeze Dried Food EntreesBrand: Wise Food Storage

Size/package: Unknown size/Bucket, sealed mylar bags

Weight: 8 lbs

Total calories: 13 400

Total servings: 60

Shelf life: 25 years

Main features: Food segmented in 4-servings pouches, shelving not necessary

Use: Emergency scenarios

Price: 149.99$


Wise Company’s emergency bucket is a sight for sore eyes, whatever the scourge lurking around the corner might be. 60 servings can bolster one person for a full month or four people for a week.

Preparation follows the usual “the-simpler-the-better” approach and only requires you to add some lukewarm water into the premade mix. The water doesn’t have to come to a boil, but you can go that route as well, especially if you prefer “blazing” meals.

As far as the contents go, everyone’s taste will be met to a certain extent. Just because a hurricane is raging outside doesn’t mean asparagus suddenly grew on us, now does it?

Further inspection within the bucket uncovers cheesy macaroni, tomato & basil soup, beans and rice, potato casserole and pot pie, teriyaki & rice, tortilla soup, pasta Alfredo and creamy pasta, classic chicken noodle soup, savory Stroganoff, and chili mac. Everything comes in 4-portion iterations, except for creamy pasta and Stroganoff, featured in 8.

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wise food storage review

Wise Company offers everything you need in order to survive any major or minor disaster or fully enjoy a camping trip with your friends and family. Learn more about it in this objective review.

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60 Serving Kit of Emergency Freeze Dried Food Entrees Review
Updated :10.21.2020.
Rating : 9.8/10
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