Legacy 2 Person Essential Tornado BOBBrand: Legacy

Weight: Unknown

Dimensions: Unknown

People: 2

Main Features: Black & gray backpack, perfect for avoiding unwanted attention; compact packaging for ultimate mobility

Use: Tornado-related emergency scenarios

Price: 140.00$


Legacy Premium managed to make a heavy-duty emergency survival bob without skimping on the overall portability. Discreet colors ensure you can pass it for a regular, everyday backpack. This is not a tornado-centric preparedness kit right off the bat, however. You can make it “tornado-specific,” though, by adding an extra package of goodies, containing a pry bar, a 4-in-1 survival tool, and a weather radio.

You can also upgrade the bundle from basic to deluxe and premium. The basic one, listed here (also deluxe), can sustain 2 people when the going gets tough. The premium one, however, provides for 4 people. The advantages of the deluxe and premium options also include sleeping bags, 3600 kcal food bars, a rich first aid kit, 2l water bags, survival rope, and extra survival items and tools.

The basic kit contains a 1l Tristan bottle (BPA-free), 2 x reflective blanket, 15 servings of MegaOne Meals chocolate meal replacement, a 2-man tent and 2 ponchos, AM/FM radio with batteries, rubberized flashlight, 5 x water purification tablets, a folding water container (1l), deluxe hygiene kit, a pencil, and a prep guide.

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Legacy 2 Person Essential Tornado BOB Review
Updated :02.01.2023.
Rating : 8.7/10
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