Emergency Meal ComboBrand: Honeyville

Size/package: Unknown size/#10 cans

Weight: 13 lbs

Total calories: 15 180

Total servings: 68 ½ cup servings

Shelf life: 10-15 years

Main features: Contains 4 different meals; oxygen absorbers are included; #10 cans packed together for economic and convenience purposes

Use: Emergency scenarios and all outdoor activities

Price: 157.99$


Right off the bat, Honeyville’s emergency food kits, or “combos,” as they call them for effect, are definitely “Santa’s little money savers.” Once you do the math, it becomes obvious that buying separate cans amounts to more money.

Only the top-shelf (pun intended) products are “combofied,” so you know you’ll get the best-selling stuff. It’s a more convenient way of filling in the gaps in your emergency supply.

Honeyville was kind enough to remind us of potential allergens used in the meals. They enumerated eggs, soy, milk, and wheat.

As far as the actual dishes are concerned, we have meat sauce rotini, fettuccine Alfredo, pasta with beef, and chicken fettuccine Alfredo. According to user feedback, the food tastes really good and numerous buyers reported that they’re really generous on the sauces.

The thing we didn’t like seeing was the discrepancy between the overall weight in the specification and product description. One says 8 pounds, the other 13, which makes for a pretty big difference in a survival situation.

About the company

honeyville review

Honeyville brings organic ingredients and freeze-dried food to your pantries or shelters. Prepare for any unexpected situation and stock up on healthy foods. Read this Honeyville review for more info.

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Honeyville Emergency Meal Combo Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 7.8/10
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