Guardian Tornado Emergency KitBrand: Guardian

Weight: Unknown

Dimensions: Unknown

People: 1

Main Features: Bright red(ish) duffle bag; wheels for unhindered movement; good variety of tornado survival tools

Use: Tornado-related emergency scenarios

Price: 123.99$


This is a well-balanced tornado preparedness kit. It contains all the necessary tools for optimal “tornado tackling.” There’s a 1-day food supply in the shape of a cherry-flavored food bar (400 kcal) and 6 x 4 oz pouches of water. There are also 10 tablets for water purification and 24 oz purification bottle.

In the communications and lighting department, there’s a LED dynamo flashlight with a radio incorporated, 30 hrs candle, rechargeable flashlight with 3 LEDs, 12 hrs glow stick, waterproof matches, and a bright orange 36″ x 24″ help flag. Shelter options offer 2 x 16-20 hrs body warmers, 2 x hooded emergency ponchos, and 2 x emergency sleeping bags.

Tools include a multi-tool, a knife with 16 different functions, safety goggles, a tarp (5″ x 7″), a packet of nails, duct tape (10 yards), paracord (50 ft), 2 x N95 dust mask, work gloves with leather palms, quakehold putty, and a hatchet that can also be used as a hammer and a pry bar.

The hygiene section offers a toothbrush, paste and floss, deodorant and body lotion, a soap, 4 bandages and maxi pads, a shaving cream and razor, and a comb, shampoo, and conditioner. There’s also a 37-piece first aid kit and a deck of playing cards.

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Guardian Tornado Emergency Kit Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 9.8/10
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