Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600Brand: Gerber Blades

Weight: 9.0 oz.

Dimensions: 6.4″ overall length, 4.9″ closed length

Material: Solid stainless steel

Main Features: Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600 is an elegant and highly functional survival tool.

Use: Suitable for reparations, trips, and emergencies

Price: $48.75


If you think Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400 isn’t good enough to follow you on your adventures and keep you well-equipped in cases of natural disasters and other emergencies, then take a close look at its big brother, Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600.

This is a highly functional, extremely useful survival multi tool that includes 14 different tools compactly packed in a single one-hand opening item. Keep it close and you’ll never have to worry about unscrewing a rusty bolt, cutting a wire or opening a bottle of your favorite beer.

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600 contains flat blade and cross point screwdrivers, a wire cutter, can and bottle opener, fine edge and serrated knife, regular and needle nose pliers, ruler, Saf.T.Plus locking knife and tools, and even a lanyard ring.

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600 is incredibly safe to use thanks to its excellent locking mechanism, so you can hang it on your belt without the fear of accidentally hurting yourself. Of course, it can also fit in any survival kit or bag. Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600 is extremely durable because it’s made of solid stainless steel. It has a limited lifetime warranty.

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Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600 Review
Updated :06.12.2019.
Rating : 9.1/10
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