Freeze Dried Meat BucketBrand: Valley Food Storage
1 bucket, food sealed in pouches
Weight: Not specified
Total Calories: 
Not specified
Total Servings: 
Shelf Life: 
25 years
Main Features: 
4 kinds of dried meat suitable as additions to any meal; great source of healthy proteins
Any kind of emergency, camping


Emergencies can take a lot out of you, which is why it is crucial to get enough energy from your diet. This Valley Food Storage freeze dried meat bucket allows you to quickly prepare a delicious, protein-packed meal that can give you the strength to deal with any difficulty. It is a great gluten-free, dairy-free solution for emergencies, as well as all kinds of outdoor adventures.

The delicious food that comes in this handy package includes 30 servings of chicken, 30 servings of beef dices, 21 servings of ground beef, and 14 servings sausage. We are happy to say that the meat is completely natural, GMO-free, and it does not contain any preservatives or additives that would compromise the quality of the product.

Thanks to the high-quality mylar bags hand flushed with nitrogen, there is no need to worry that your meat can go bad before you get to use it. You can throw the meat straight into the meal of your choice and let it soak up the juices or rehydrate it in warm water, give it some extra flavor using the cooking method of your choice, and enjoy it on its own. It is delicious, no matter how you prepare it.

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Self-reliance is the one true prerequisite for utter freedom. Look ahead and get your food storage supply up and running. Think healthy, delicious, and non-perishable. Think Valley Food Storage.

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Freeze Dried Meat Bucket Review
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