''Earthquake Zone'' 3-Day Staff Backpack Kit Brand: Nexis Preparedness System

Weight: 12.85 lbs.

Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 17 inches

Main Features: “Earthquake Zone” 3-day Staff Backpack Kit brings all the essentials you need to survive an earthquake. It’s designed to meet the needs of one person for 3 days, but it can be customized for more people.

Use: Ideal for earthquakes, but also useful in other emergency scenarios

Price: $65.97


“Earthquake Zone” 3-day Staff Backpack Kit is an amazing backpack kit that can help you survive an earthquake. It features lights, food and water supplies, items to keep you warm, a first aid kit, and many other useful products.

This compact earthquake preparedness kit is especially generous when it comes to nutrition. It’s created for one person, yet it provides two 3600-calorie emergency food bars, which is 7200 calorie for 3 days. Food bars and drinking water have a 5-year shelf life, so you can store them for long periods of time.

With “Earthquake Zone” 3-day Staff Backpack Kit, you don’t have to worry about being cold or soaked if it starts raining. It includes both a poncho with a hood and an extremely warm mylar blanket. Maybe there isn’t a roof over your head, but the hood is there to protect you.

“Earthquake Zone” 3-day Staff Backpack Kit makes sure you have everything you need to stay safe and healthy. There’s an excellent 36-piece first aid kit to help you with any kind of injury or health problem. Also, this earthquake preparedness kit includes protective dust masks and a 20-piece hygiene kit.

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''Earthquake Zone'' 3-Day Staff Backpack Kit Review
Updated :01.16.2019.
Rating : 8.1/10
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