Comp II Two-Person Survival KitBrand: Emergency Essentials

Weight: 61 lbs

Dimensions: Unknown

People: 2

Main features: More than 280 emergency supplies, spread across two backpacks 

Use: Emergency scenarios

Price: 339.99$


Two backpacks are a necessity for an abundance of material presented in this kit. The colors are mostly black and gray with orange detailing, which shouldn’t attract unwanted attention. The MREs have a shelf life between 5 and 7 years.
One of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of this pack is its sheer volume. Having your emergency survival kit spread across two backpacks can be convenient at times, but it’ll be such a pain in the neck much more often. The inside of the packs is too overwhelming to cover entirely, so we’ll just mention some of the fundamentals.

Featured here are 18 entrees, 15 side dishes, 12 desserts, peanut butter/jam/hard candy, water bottles and pouches, 2 sleeping bags and blankets, 2 tents, matches (strike anywhere), fire starter, 2x fork/knife/spoon, 2 lightsticks, 2 100-hour candles, 4 respirator masks, 1 enzyme packet, water storage system (5 gallons), 2 toilet papers, hand sanitizer, a 156-piece first aid kit, multi-functioning tool and knife, folding shovel, sewing kit, 3 small bars of soap, AM/FM battery-operated radio, wind-up phone and light charger, 5-in-1 whistle…

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Comp II Two-Person Survival Kit Review
Updated :02.01.2023.
Rating : 9.7/10
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