4 Person Deluxe Emergency Survival Bucket KitBrand: EDS

Weight: 23 lbs

Dimensions: 5 gallons

People: 2

Main Features: A reliable airtight bucket container; easy “twist-off” lid; optional snap-on toilet seat for 9.95$ extra

Use: All emergency scenarios

Price: 104.00$


EDS is cutting it right to the chase with this survival kit. White bucket color is still not ideal, but certainly beats bright yellow (yeah, we’re not letting that one go anytime soon). So, let’s follow their recipe and see what this bad boy brings to the table.

As far as alimentation is concerned, there’s a 3-day supply of energy bars for 4 people. The shelf life is 5 years, but the calorie count is not listed. There’s also a 3-day supply of water in the form of 24 water pouches, also with 5 years of shelf life. 50 water purification tablets ensure 50l of extra water if need be.

Other supplies go as following: 4 x NASA-designed thermal blankets, 4 x hooded ponchos, a tent with instructions and ropes, 4 x 12 hrs light sticks, radio and light powered by a hand crank, 5 x 5 hrs candle and a box of waterproof matches, a safety whistle, gloves and a dust masks, a hygiene package, and a 52-piece first aid kit.

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4 Person Deluxe Emergency Survival Bucket Kit Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 9.3/10
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