2-Person-Guardian Bucket Survival KitBrand: Survival Frog

Weight: Unknown

Dimensions: 5-gallon bucket

People: 2

Main Features: Heavier emphasis on the tools with basic emergency food; the lid doubles as an emergency toilet seat

Use: Emergencies and survival scenarios

Price: 142.97$


Like its “bigger cousin,” this Survival Frog kit can serve many purposes in a survival situation. It is your food and water source, an impromptu tool shed, and a restroom, if need be. Unlike the said cousin, this Guardian bucket offers 4800 kcal worth of energy bars, but cuts on water-purifying tablets. The golden standard is 20, this survival kit features only 10 of them.

As far as shelter and warmth go, the offer is pretty regular. You’ll have available a tent, mylar reflective blankets, and plastic hooded ponchos. The light and communication segment begins with a 4-in-1 dynamo mix between a flashlight and a radio, 5-in-1 whistle, emergency 30-hour candle, green glow sticks good for 12 hrs, and waterproof matches.

Survival tools per se go as follows: Blue tarp, 7 x 5 ft, ideal for ground or tent cover, solid steel pry bar (7″ x ½”), intended to be used as a multi-tool, rugged 16-function army knife, duct tape, a pair of leather-palm work gloves for blister prevention, sewing kit, plastic safety goggles, and N95 dust mask.

The kit also includes a rich supply of hygiene and first aid supplies.

About the company

Survival Frog review

Survival Frog is one of the best companies of its kind, focusing on educating people on the importance of having the right gear in an emergency survival scenario. Read all about them in our Survival Frog review.

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Updated :12.05.2018.
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