Ultimate Survival Technologies ParaKnife FSBrand: Ultimate Survival Technologies

Weight: 4.7 oz, with the sheet and fire starter 6.5 oz

Length: 8.7’’

Material: Stainless steel

Main Features: Handy lightweight survival knife with a fire-starting function

Use: Survival and outdoor activities

Price: $19.99


Ultimate Survival Technologies ParaKnife FS features a fixed blade that cannot jam up when you need it the most. It is partly serrated, allowing you to cut through ropes, seatbelts, and similar materials quickly and efficiently. Made of stainless steel featuring a black oxide finish, it is rustproof, so you can use it carefree, knowing that no source of moisture can diminish its efficiency. It also features a full tang for increased force while cutting through hard materials.

Additional features of the knife include a magnesium fire starter that extends the knife’s use into another highly important segment of wilderness survival – lighting a fire. The handle includes a paracord wrap that ensures an excellent grip and also allows you to have more than 6’ of paracord whenever you need it.

The knife comes in a protective sheet and the end of the paracord acts as a belt loop, which makes it incredibly easy to carry. It is also rather light and takes up very little space. Apart from being durable, extremely functional, and easy to pack, this knife is also truly affordable, allowing you to get an incredibly useful tool at a price that won’t put a big dent in your pocket.

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Ultimate Survival Technologies ParaKnife FS Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.3/10
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