Trekker I One-Person Survival KitBrand: Emergency Essentials

Weight: 12.14 lbs.

Dimensions: 7.5 x 13 x 13 inches

Main Features: Trekker I One-Person Survival Kit is equipped with enough items to help one person survive up to 3 days in extreme conditions.

Use: Perfect for any kind of natural or man-made disaster

Price: $69.95


Trekker I One-Person Survival Kit is an excellent earthquake preparedness kit. It is incredibly compact and easy to carry, yet extremely well-equipped. Everything you might find useful when an earthquake strikes is packed in this small backpack.

Besides the usual stash of high-calorie emergency food bars, Trekker I One-Person Survival Kit also provides 6 tasty hard candies to help you maintain the necessary level of sugar during extreme conditions.

Trekker I One-Person Survival Kit includes superior equipment for warmth. There is an emergency poncho, a sleeping bag, and even a tube tent so you don’t have to sleep unprotected. Moreover, there are strike-anywhere matches and a fire starter to make sure you can always light a fire to warm up or send an SOS signal.

You’ll also be able to contact someone or call for help since Trekker I One-Person Survival Kit features a lightstick, LED lamp with batteries, a 5 in 1 whistle, and AM/FM radio as well.

Trekker I One-Person Survival Kit includes all necessities for maintaining personal hygiene too. You get an N95 respirator mask, sanitary napkins, a pack of tissues, toilet paper, and even a small bar of soap.

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Trekker I One-Person Survival Kit Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.9/10
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