Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival ToolBrand: Survive Outdoors Longer

Weight: 6.1 oz.

Dimensions: 3.875 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches

Main Features: Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Tool is an extremely useful emergency kit that contains more than 10 survival tools. It’s packed in a waterproof ABS-plastic case.

Use: Great for emergencies, disasters, and any outdoor adventure

Price: $24.40


Survive Outdoors Longer offers useful tools for anyone, even for inexperienced survival beginners. Their Origin Survival Tool is a true treat for anyone who plans to spend some time outdoors or is preparing for unexpected emergencies. It features extremely helpful tools followed by comprehensive survival tips written by Buck Tilton, a wilderness medicine expert.

With Origin Survival Tool, you can be certain that you have all the necessary tools for any camping, fishing or hiking trip. It’s designed to help anyone interested in well-organized preparedness and/or outdoors activities since it represents an outstanding survival gear.

Origin Survival Tool kit is so tiny that it’s really surprising it contains so many items. Inside this small sturdy box, you can find Tinder-Quick fire starters, stainless steel wire, nylon cord, and an emergency fishing and sewing kit. But that’s not all! Some additional tools can be found in the lid of the case, including a signal mirror, compass, and versatile folding lock-blade knife with a 100db whistle. Additionally, there’s a strong LED light integrated into the handle.

Unfortunately, this emergency kit can’t be shipped internationally, but you can receive it anywhere in the US.

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Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Tool Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.5/10
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