Nordic Pocket Saw (Original)Brand: Nordic Pocket Saw

Weight: 6.4 oz.

Length: 25.6″ chain length

Material: Heavy duty nylon handle, heat treated high-carbon steel blade

Main Features: Nordic Pocket Saw is your best friend for unexpected emergencies that require some powerful cutting.

Use: Ideal for any outdoor adventure

Price: $44.99


Nordic Pocket Saw is a first-rate product coming all the way from Sweden to help every passionate survivalist and adventurer complete their emergency kits with an excellent tool. Not only is it pocket-sized, but also unbelievably lightweight. It weighs only 131 grams, which is like you’re carrying a couple of chocolate bars in your pocket.

Nordic Pocket Saw can easily fit the side pocket of your backpack or you can keep it attached to your belt. Despite its size, it can help you build a shelter, cut woods for a campfire or slice some meat. This compact survival saw is made of heat treated high-carbon steel, which makes it extremely durable and resistant. It features double cutter teeth on every of its 33 links, enabling it to cut fiercely in both directions. Nordic Pocket Saw is 25.6″ of pure strength and power that can make your wilderness wanderings comfortable and easy.

This powerful survival tool also has two durable handles made of heavy-duty nylon for a firmer grip and easier handling.

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Nordic Pocket Saw (Original) Review
Updated :08.14.2019.
Rating : 8.5/10
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