Nitro-Pak 1 Year SuppliesBrand: Nitro-Pak

Weight: 645 lbs

People: 1

Number of servings: Unknown

Total calories: 868,700

Main Features: 31 cases and 186 #10 cans in total; extraordinary choice of meals; packs into 3’6″ x 5′ x 18″ space; resealable plastic lids for every can; free bonus pack 

Use: Any type of survival scenario

Price: 4,699.00$


This pack has 47 different items to offer, which is just mind-boggling, right?

What’s nice to see is the segmentation of the meals. There are breakfasts, dinners, side dishes, snacks, desserts, fruits, and beverages. Whenever we see beverages inside a kit like this, we immediately think filler! There’s not a lot of them, though, so we can let it slide. Shelf life is 30 years.

The food is freeze-dried, so everything said before applies here as well. It’s the only manufacturer offering “a taste guarantee,” which is always a nice little novelty to mention.

Every bonus pack brings:

  • A flash Jetboil stove kit
  • MSRP discount
  • Executive 2 People 72 Hrs Kit
  • Free shipping

Whenever you see a company offering “extra stuff” with their food kits, that’s the right time for extra caution. Products in this bulk survival food review, however, are tried and true, so freebies are always welcome. When you put pen to paper, it doesn’t really amount to 1421$ as they claim, but close enough.

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Nitro-Pak 1 Year Supplies Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.2/10
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