Mykel Hawke HASP w/ Leather SheathBrand: Hawke Knives

Weight: 44.8 oz.

Length: 19.625” full length, 10.325” handle

Material: Leather sheath, bead blasted finish, Micarta handle scales

Main Features: Hatchet, shovel, ax, and pick, all in one tool.

Use: Excellent for camping or any kind of survival scenario

Price: $115.99


HASP w/ Leather Sheath is an outstanding multifunctional tool designed by Mykel Hawke. HASP features four extremely useful tools in one simple gadget. Thanks to its sleek design, HASP can be used as an ax, spade, hatchet, and pick. Therefore, it is a superb survival tool to have in your survival kit or backpack.

HASP is made of high carbon steel, so it’s a high-quality tool that can help you dig a hole, cut branches, chop logs, and even slice some meat. It’s an extremely handy tool for any kind of outdoor activity or emergency.

The handle is made of extra strong micarta material, which provides you a secure and tight grip. It boasts high-level cutting control and offers superior edge retention.

HASP’s crisscross sheath is made of vacuum-formed Kydex material that provides the hatchet with extra stability when attached to your belt or bug-out-bag. There’s also a lanyard hole in case you want to hang it on a rope or keep it in your storage room.

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Mykel Hawke HASP w/ Leather Sheath Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.1/10
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