Mountain House 1 Month Entree ReserveBrand: Mountain House

Size/package: Unknown/3 buckets and pouches

Weight: 22.5 lbs

Total calories: Unknown

Total servings: 90

Shelf life: 30 years

Main features: Rich meal choices; self-filtering water bottle; 45 and 30-day meal planners; FireOn fuel discs; oxygen absorber 

Use: Short-term emergency scenarios

Price: 249.99$


This is another “multi-tasker” among emergency kits, providing 90 delicious GMO-free entrees spread across 3 buckets. Just to make sure the offer is properly understood, this emergency food kit includes 3 entrees per day for one month. This is quite enough of a sustenance in itself, but you might opt for some additional side dishes for extra flavor.

The food is packed in signature Mountain House pouches. Being distributed within three buckets makes the whole thing too cumbersome to freely carry around, though. All of the meals are freeze-dried, which means they don’t contain any ice crystals, prolonging the overall shelf life when unopened.

The meal choice amounts to twelve different options, which definitely adds a touch of luxury into the mix (or combo, if we follow Honeville’s terminology). Let’s give a shoutout to breakfast skillet, scrambled eggs options, lasagna, beef stew and Stroganoff, chili mac, chicken noodles, spaghetti, and chicken Teriyaki.

Surprisingly the nutritional info remained blank, which is a huge piece of the puzzle missing. There’s no doubt about the food’s nutritional value and quality, but it would still be preferable if you could count your daily calorie intake for yourself.

About the company

Mountain House Review

“The House in the Mountains” brings the longest-lasting emergency meals to the table. Vietnam War “gave birth” to the company and now you can taste the same military-grade tradition, echoing from 1968.

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Mountain House 1 Month Entree Reserve Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.1/10
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