Legacy's Premium GlutenBrand: Legacy Premium Food Storage
1 bucket, 30 pouches
28 lbs
Total Calories: 
Total Servings: 
Shelf Life: 
25 years
Main Features: 
19 different entrees for a varied diet during emergencies; suitable for everyday use as instant meal solutions
Emergencies and quick meals


Legacy truly lets you eat like a king. With this great 100% gluten-free entree bucket, you can go through any emergency with your head clear and your stomach full. The variety of dishes is quite impressive and the quality is high, as expected. The average calorie count per dish is 341 calories.

The entrees you receive in the bucket include Italian pasta with Marinara (8 servings), pasta Alfredo (8 servings), pasta Primavera (8 servings), enchilada, beans, and rice (8 servings), Stroganoff (8 servings), cheese and broccoli bake (8 servings), Hawaiian style sweet ‘n’ sour (4 servings), creamy a la king (8 servings), vegetable and rotini pasta (4 servings), chili mac (4 servings), macaroni and cheese (8 servings), cheese and broccoli soup mix (4 servings), cheesy potato soup mix (8 servings), creamy vegetable and rice soup mix (4 servings), creamy potato soup mix (8 servings), spicy corn chowder soup mix (4 servings), southwestern soup mix (4 servings), classic chili mix (8 servings), and white bean chili mix (4 servings).

Just like the previous Legacy product on our list, this entree bucket features dishes that are in complete accordance with the rules of the gluten-free diet. They are vegetarian-friendly and an excellent source of fiber. Finally, they are also free of GMO, do not contain trans fats, and are low in cholesterol and fat.

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Legacy's Premium Gluten Free Entree Bucket Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.8/10
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