Lansky Fire Fighter’s Battle AxeBrand: Lansky’s Knife & Tool

Weight: 28.8 oz.

Length: 15.25” full length

Material: Leather sheath, 1075 Tool Steel Construction blade

Main Features: Lansky Fire Fighter’s Battle Axe is designed for professional and volunteer firefighters.

Use: Superb tool for firefighters and adventurers

Price: $59.99


Lansky Fire Fighter’s Battle Axe is a first-class hatchet designed with the assistance of professional firefighters. Hence, it can be a useful part of firefighters’ equipment, any emergency kit or camping backpack.

Lansky Fire Fighter’s Battle Axe is a multipurpose tool that features a hatchet, a pry bar, a hose, and a gas valve wrench. Therefore, it doesn’t only provide you with tools necessary for cutting and chopping, but also with utensils for simple repairs. This makes it a good survival tool for outdoor activities or long trips away from urban places.

The Lansky Fire Fighter’s Battle Axe handle is made of a non-slip material, enabling you to use it normally when it gets wet or you’re wearing gloves of any kind. In addition, the handle is insulated to 10.000 volts and keeps you safe from electric shocks and burns.

Thanks to its 1075 tool steel construction, Lansky Fire Fighter’s Battle Axe boasts amazing load bearing capacity of up to 9600 oz.

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Lansky Fire Fighter’s Battle Axe Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 7.5/10
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