Kershaw Taskmaster SawBrand: Kershaw

Weight: 9.2 oz.

Length: 16.25″ full length, 9.25″ closed, 7″ blade

Material: Rubberized glass-filled nylon handle, high carbon steel blade

Main Features: Kershaw Taskmaster Saw is a boosted jackknife for any occasion

Use: Excellent for camping, hunting, and backyard chores

Price: $31.99


Kershaw Taskmaster Saw is an incredibly small yet powerful survival saw. If there ever was a petite, sophisticated saw, then it’s Kershaw Taskmaster Saw. Like a small revolver ladies used to keep in their purses in old movies, Kershaw Taskmaster Saw fits any bag, backpack, emergency kit or pocket. It’s compact, lightweight, and perfect to carry on any trip or adventure.

Despite its modest size, Kershaw Taskmaster Saw is a very fierce tool. Its 7″ blade is made of very resistant high carbon steel and can cut through any bush or wood like a hot knife through butter. Kershaw Taskmaster Saw can be equally useful for outdoor activities and backyard pruning. It’s very compact once it’s folded, so it’s very convenient for hunting trips since you can keep it in your pocket without the slightest fear of hurting yourself by accident.

Kershaw Taskmaster Saw is extremely secure when it’s open as well. It features an excellent lock that keeps it open until you decide to fold it back and prevents you from cutting yourself while using it.

The handle is textured and rubberized for a stronger grip and slip prevention.

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Kershaw Taskmaster Saw Review
Updated :06.12.2019.
Rating : 8.1/10
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