Guardian 3-Function HatchetBrand: Guardian

Weight: 121 oz.

Length: 13” full length, 6.5” handle

Material: Rubberized handle, solid steel blade, pry bar, and hammerhead

Main Features: 3-in-1 Hatchet that is multifunctional and therefore very useful for outdoors activities.

Use: Survival situations and camping

Price: $21.97


Guardian offers an amazingly useful 3-Function Hatchet that can become the favorite tool of many survivalists, campers, and adventurers. This superb tool is multifunctional and features a sharp hatchet blade, solid steel hammerhead, and a highly useful pry bar.

Thanks to its multipurpose features, Guardian 3-Function Hatchet is an excellent addition to any camping backpack or survival kit. The hammerhead is perfect when you need to set up a tent and the pry bar can help you with building any kind of shelter or getting yourself out of a dangerous situation.

The sharp hatchet blade is made of steel and it’s extremely durable. It can be reused many times and provide you with peace of mind in any situation. Since the handle is pretty long, it can achieve a serious momentum and make wood cutting much easier than it is with a shorter hatchet.

The whole Guardian 3-Function Hatchet is made of solid steel, but the handle is rubberized, which makes it much easier for use. The rubber prevents slipping and sliding and makes Guardian 3-Function Hatchet very helpful even in situations when your hands are wet or you wear gloves. This means it can be used in cases of heavy raining or extreme cold and still be as efficient and easy-to-use as in regular conditions.

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Guardian 3-Function Hatchet Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 9.7/10
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