Grab&Go Essentials BackpackBrand: EDS (Emergency Disaster Systems)

Weight: 12 lbs

Dimensions: Unknown

People: 2

Main Features: Dark red emergency backpack with the most essential survival necessities; complies to regulations prescribed by the US Red Cross; emergency kit written on the backpack 

Use: Emergencies and survival scenarios

Price: 48.50$


This is a pretty confusing product, to be honest. Not in terms of quality or assortment, but regarding the amount of people it can sustain for 72 hrs. The official title says 2-person, but their description says 4. The description intro says “4 of everything,” the bullet points say 2. It’s a rather tricky puzzle and not the kind you want solved the moment the kit arrives at your doorstep.

So, we can definitely “disperse the fog of war” on this one and say it’s a 2-person pack for 72 hours. It’s a budget option, for sure, but this survival kits review was envisioned as a budget guide anyway.

The pack features: 4800 kcal in food bars and 6 packets of water, 2 lightsticks with 12 hrs of juice, 2 ponchos and survival blankets, 2 dust masks and pairs of nitrile gloves, a whistle, and a 33-piece first aid kit. This emergency kit is smaller than the previous ones mentioned, so it’s also more portable and doesn’t take up too much space, wherever you decide to store it.

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Grab&Go Essentials Backpack Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.1/10
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