gluten free basicBrand: Wise Company
Package: 2 buckets, food sealed in mylar pouches
Weight: 8 lbs per bucket
Total Calories: 14,400
Total Servings: 204 servings
Shelf Life: 25 years for entrees and breakfasts, 20 years for whey milk
Main Features: Assortment of 5 different dishes plus whey milk as an addition to your meals. Easy to transport and stack.
Use: Emergencies, camping, instant meals
Price: $284.99


This bundle is a great choice if you want to have nearly all of your dietary needs covered in a single purchase. It packs 84 servings of delicious, 100% gluten-free dishes, including teriyaki and rice (12 servings), loaded baked potato casserole (16 servings), tomato basil soup (16 servings), potatoes and chicken flavored pot pie (12 servings), and creamy yogurt style dessert (28 servings). On top of that, you get 120 servings of nutritious long-term whey milk.

Apart from covering the needs of people on a gluten-free diet, this bundle also contains 3 completely vegetarian dishes, 44 servings total, so it can also satisfy the needs of the veggie lovers in your family. All meals are low in calories, ranging from 50 to 270 calories per serving. Each product in the bundle comes with detailed nutrition information, so you can keep track of your intake of nutrients and make sure your diet is well-balanced in spite of the circumstances.

Everything is conveniently and safely packed and thanks to the long shelf life, the bundle is both easy to store and durable, meaning it can sit on the shelf patiently until it the time comes to crack it open.

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wise food storage review

Wise Company offers everything you need in order to survive any major or minor disaster or fully enjoy a camping trip with your friends and family. Learn more about it in this objective review.

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