Gerber Blades Myth HatchetBrand: Gerber Blades

Weight: 14.8 oz.

Length: 9.2” full length, 3.5” blade

Material: Plastic sheath, rubberized steel core handle, coated 3cr13 steel blade

Main Features: Gerber Blades Myth Hatchet is a sturdy little chopping machine that’s a very convenient addition to any survival kit.

Use: Ideal for any outdoor adventure or emergency

Price: $39.99


Gerber Blades Myth Hatchet is a compact yet incredibly powerful hatchet that can be of great help if you find yourself deep in the woods or blindsided by any kind of disaster. It’s small and light enough to perfectly fit in your hitchhiking backpack or survival kit.

Don’t let the size of Gerber Blades Myth Hatchet fool you, though. This is a military-grade tool that can help you make a shelter in the wilderness, cut some wood for fire or pound tent stakes. Its high-quality steel blade can cut anything, from logs over branches to meat.

Gerber Blades Myth Hatchet is extremely convenient and perfectly shaped to obtain a high-level of cutting efficiency. The blade is sharp and slim and the finger notches are just below the hatchet head, which enables you to hold it firmly and have better control of the tool. The design of Gerber Blades Myth Hatchet gives it amazingly strong chopping power.

Gerber Blades Myth Hatchet has a comfortable rubber handle with a steel core for greater force. The excellent design and quality rubber make Gerber Blades Myth Hatchet quite easy to use even in the rain.

Myth Hatchet has a hole for a lanyard at the bottom of the handle to make it simpler to tie it to your backpack or belt. Additionally, it comes with a sturdy sheath that keeps it sharp and safely stored when you’re not using it.

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Gerber Blades Myth Hatchet Review
Updated :01.16.2019.
Rating : 9.0/10
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