Gerber Blades Moment Field Dress Kit IIIBrand: Gerber

Weight: Knife with gut hook 7.2 oz; saw 3.0 oz, small caping knife 2.2 oz

Length: Knife with gut hook: full length 8.6″, blade length 3.6″; saw; full length 7.5″, blade length 5.0″; small caping knife: full length 7.1″, blade length 3.2″

Material: SK5 and 5Cr15MoV steel blades, rubber handles with nylon cores

Main Features: This excellent dress kit including a saw, a small caping knife, and a knife with gut hook is a real hunting essential that can help you dress game like a pro

Use: Wilderness survival, hunting

Price: $96.26


Whether you are a hunter or want to be prepared for situations where you have to hunt to survive, this excellent dressing kit can take all of your troubles away. It features the three most important items for dressing game, stored in an easy-to-pack cloth sheet with snap closure that keeps them safely in place.

The saw features a fixed blade with a blunt hooked tip that helps you keep the blade from straying in order to avoid cutting into the intestines or ruining the meat. The T-handle makes it easier to get a solid grip.

The knife with gut hook is indispensable when it comes to cleaning game. Just as in the case of the saw, the hook can be of great use in avoiding any harm to the intestines. The fine edge can make small, precise cuts or cut through the largest bones, boasting great efficiency. The knife features a full tang and well-designed handle that is easy to grasp.

The small caping knife also features a fixed blade, full tang, and good handle that allows for a comfortable grip. It is perfect for dressing small game and making smaller incisions on any animal.

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Gerber Blades Moment Field Dress Kit III Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 7.8/10
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