Gerber Blades Freescape Camp SawBrand: Gerber Blades

Weight: 14.8 oz.

Length: 12″ blade

Material: Rubber overmold handle, 2cr13 steel blade

Main Features: You can fold it like a ruler and use it like a powerful chainsaw.

Use: Primarily designed for camping, but can be used for any outdoor activity

Price: $66.66


Gerber Blade Freescape Camp Saw is one of the most convenient survival saws available on the market. It can be folded up flat in a couple of simple steps when you want to store it in your camping backpack, survival kit or car trunk.

But don’t let its amazing portability trick you, it’s a very powerful saw. Gerber Blade Freescape Camp Saw features 4 pivot points that enable you to turn this small folded saw into a strong cutting machine. The perfectly placed pivot points allow you to use the full length of the blade and cut bigger logs much faster and with less effort.

In addition, the saw stays sharp for a very long time because the blade is fully protected once you fold it. It can also be easily replaced with a regular 12″ blade anytime you want.

Gerber Blade Freescape Camp Saw isn’t just safe while folded, but also while you’re using it – thanks to its superior handle. It’s rubberized and textured to provide a strong grip even when it gets wet.


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Gerber Blades Freescape Camp Saw Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 9.0/10
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