dairy bucketBrand: Valey Food Storage
1 bucket, 10 mylar bags
Not specified
Total Calories: 
Not specified
Total Servings: 
Shelf Life:
 25 years
Main Features: 10 different kinds of vegetables and fruits for various meals and desserts
Emergencies and everyday use


When emergencies last longer than expected, you can do nothing but keep your body in good shape until the dust settles. This bucket of freeze dried fruit and vegetables is easy to store and transport and it can help you maintain your valuable nutrient intake at an optimal level. It allows you to enjoy delicious food that takes minimum effort and time to prepare. Completely gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian friendly, it is an excellent solution for a healthy diet during tough times.

The bucket contains apple slices (15 servings), banana slices (15 servings), peaches (15 servings), pineapple chunks (15 servings), strawberry slices (15 servings), green beans (15 servings), sweet corn (15 servings), peas (15 servings), potato dices (15 servings), and tomato dices (15 servings). Thanks to the excellent, sturdy packaging with oxygen absorbers, the fruits and vegetables have a long shelf life and they are as nutritious and delicious as the ones fresh from the farm.

With such variety of food, this bucket opens up endless possibilities and allows you to cook up any meal you wish. The fruit is suitable for pies and cobblers, smoothies, muffins, ice cream or anything you like. You can use the vegetables to make wonderful vegetarian meals, such as soups, omelets or casseroles, or you can serve them as nutritious side dishes.

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Self-reliance is the one true prerequisite for utter freedom. Look ahead and get your food storage supply up and running. Think healthy, delicious, and non-perishable. Think Valley Food Storage.

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