Datrex Emergency Food Bars 3600KBrand: Datrex

Number of Bars: 18

Total Calories: 3600

Shelf Life: 5 years

Main Features: Datrex Emergency Food Bars 3600K contains 18 200-calorie bars of the highest quality. Stock your pantry with survival food approved by the US Coast Guard.

Use: Survival situations and outdoor activities

Price: $7.50


Ultra-dense Datrex Emergency Food Bars 3600K are definitely among the best survival food on the prepping market. Each package is vacuum-sealed and the multi-layered wrap promises absolute freshness as long as the bars are stored properly. Moreover, their premium package guarantees that they’ll remain tasty for years.

One pack is enough to feed a grown-up for 3 whole days. Therefore, these bars are perfect for your 72-hour survival kits or short camping adventures. Bars are good to eat straight from the package, you don’t need to add anything.

These superb emergency food bars are preservative-free and made exclusively of natural ingredients. Datrex emergency food bars are a great choice for any outdoor activity or emergency situation since they can keep you energized for longer.

Datrex Emergency Food Bars aren’t only highly nourishing but also very tasty. They taste like crunchy cookies, with some coconut flavor. In addition to that, they’re designed not to provoke thirst, so they’re perfect for survival situations.

These extraordinary emergency food bars can be delivered anywhere in the United States.

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Datrex Emergency Food Bars 3600K Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 7.8/10
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