ChangKu Emergency Survival Kits 10 in 1Brand: ChangKu

Weight: 12 oz.

Dimensions: 2 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches

Main Features: ChanKu Emergency Survival Kits 10 in 1 comes in a sturdy ABS-plastic box that is waterproof and abrasion resistant. Includes 10 tools perfect for various survival situations.

Use: Perfect for hiking, hunting, biking, climbing or any kind of emergency

Price: $21.59


ChangKu Emergency Survival Kits 10 in 1 is a dream come true for every adventurer and prepper. It contains first-rate survival tools that can be of a great help in any emergency scenario. The items are perfectly packed in a small, yet resistant case and can easily fit in your backpack or pocket.

There are 10 tools in the kit, but don’t let this number fool you. In addition to regular tools like compass, flashlight, sharp knife, and whistle, ChangKu pocket survival kit also includes the highly useful multi-functional Swiss card.

For anyone who’s not too familiar with this item, let’s say that the Swiss card can help you open your beer or change a tire on your bike. It’s a can opener, ruler, wrench, screwdriver, and a mini saw in one. Most importantly, it can fit in your wallet. Therefore, no matter what kind of emergency occurs, you can be certain that ChangKu pocket survival kit can help you survive it.

You can order ChanKu Emergency Survival Kits 10 in 1 online and it can be delivered anywhere in the world. If you’re in the US, shipping is free. Unfortunately, if this isn’t the case, you’ll have to pay a shipping fee.

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ChangKu Emergency Survival Kits 10 in 1 Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 9.7/10
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