C.U.M.A. Protector KnifeBrand: TOPS Knives in conjunction with DayOne Gear

Weight: 14.5 oz

Length: Full length 10.88″, blade length 5.25″

Material: 1095 high carbon steel blade, G10 handle

Main Features: Powerful knife designed for police officers and firefighters

Use: Survival, outdoor activities, self-defense

Price: $299.99


Everything from its exquisite design to its great durability and functionality makes this powerful knife a real must-have for hard-core survivalists, survival gear enthusiasts, and active individuals alike. Primarily designed to be used by Police and Fire personnel, it is a professional tool that can protect you from any danger that comes your way.

The blade of the knife is particularly impressive, with black powder coating over carbon steel and heat treatment to 56-58 Rockwell, which all together guarantees that it can endure virtually anything. Together with the handy glass breaker and seatbelt cutter embedded in this versatile weapon, it brings you the ultimate peace of mind. This knife is a true lifesaver that you can easily carry with you, even if you are just taking a trip to the nearby store.

The textured handle stays firmly locked in your hand even if your palms are sweating and it is as attractive as the blade. It comes in two color varieties: black and blue/black, both of which go perfectly with the black blade and durable black Kydex sheet. Another amazing feature of this mighty knife is its functional edge that assists in weapon retention, which sets it apart from many other survival knives on the market.

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C.U.M.A. Protector Knife Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.7/10
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