Basic 2000 One-Year SupplyBrand: Emergency Essentials

Weight: Unknown

People: 1

Number of servings: 8,977

Total calories: 874,110

Main Features: 104 items, ranging from #10 cans to 6-gallon, 7″ x 6.25″ “SuperPails”

Use: Any type of survival scenario

Price: 1,499.99$


Among 5 bulk survival food options, this one is in the middle when it comes to price and on the very top when it comes to the number of servings per day. Neat little combo, we thought to ourselves. 

All of the cans are made of stainless steel and double-enameled for rust and age prevention. SuperPails are made of food-grade sturdy plastic and have metalized bag lining for keeping pests and mold away. Every food packet comes with its own oxygen absorber.

A great option offered by Emergency Essentials is their “PrepAsYouGo” program. It allows you to start ramping up that emergency food supply even if you can’t afford it all at once. There’s also a comprehensive chart on their website, showing exactly what you’ll have to pay per month if you decide to go for it.

One other thing that caught our eye is the “low-price guarantee.” If you buy a product of theirs and find a similar, cheaper one in the next 30 days, they guarantee to match the lower price.

As the negatives go, there’s no shelf life specified. You’re offered a link to an article that’s not there. That’s a swing and a miss in our eyes, alongside the absence of the total weight info. That’s just lazy.

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Basic 2000 One-Year Supply Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 9.3/10
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