2 Person Elite Survival KitBrand: Wise Food Storage

Weight: Unknown

Dimensions: Unknown

People: 2

Main features: The design follows government guidelines; a broad spectrum of survival essentials, all packed in a well-designed and accessible backpack

Use: Emergency scenarios

Price: 139.99$


This comfortable grab & go backpack follows all the advice of survival experts regarding a BOB. The food is packed for ultimate shelf life and the tools are neatly folded as to maximize the space usage.

This emergency preparedness kit really has it all. The sheer number of included components is truly staggering. As far as food and water go, there are 12 water boxes (Aqua Blox), and 12 food bars (400 kcal each). 20 tablets for water purification are good for 20 l of clean drinking water.

You’ll also get an emergency 30-hour candle, 12-hour green glow stick, 5-in-1 whistle, waterproof matches, 2 sleeping bags, 2 body warmers (16-hour), 2-person tent, 2 hooded ponchos, knife with 16 functions, leather work gloves, 2 dust masks with N95 respirators, 50 ft of rope, sewing kit, safety goggles, 2×24 hygiene kits, 6 tissue packs, 107-piece first aid kit, pencil/notepad, infectious waste bag, and a deck of cards.

About the company

wise food storage review

Wise Company offers everything you need in order to survive any major or minor disaster or fully enjoy a camping trip with your friends and family. Learn more about it in this objective review.

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