2-Person Bucket Style Emergency KitBrand: Survival Frog

Weight: Unknown

Dimensions: 5-gallon bucket

People: 2

Main Features: A blend of survival tools and emergency food/water; premade to last 3 days; portable weather-resistant container

Use: Emergencies and survival scenarios

Price: 142.97$


The emergency bucket, unlike its predecessor, offers food as well. The shelf life of the perishables is 5 years. Survival Frog offers to monitor the expiration date of your purchased food and alert you when it’s about to expire.

Food and water upgrades can be purchased for extra days of potential sustenance. Customization add-ons can even broaden the emergency kit to another person(s).

Another benefit of this kit is the ability to purchase its “refresher.” It’s designed to replace anything perishable within the bucket kit, without buying another one. It’s basically a zip bag packed with food, light sticks, water purification tablets, and a 66-piece first aid kit.

The “main” thing encompasses: food bars worth 3600 kcal (we would prefer to see 4800, but hey), emergency Aqua Blox drinking water, 16.9 oz per day, dynamo flashlight and radio, mylar blankets, dust masks, 66-piece first aid kit, multi-tool, light sticks, ponchos, 50 ft of rope, work gloves, waterproof matches, duct tape, a tent, toilet chemicals and bags, a can opener, etc.

You can invest an additional 17.97$ in your survival kit for a toilet seat accessory and use the bucket container as a portable restroom.

About the company

Survival Frog review

Survival Frog is one of the best companies of its kind, focusing on educating people on the importance of having the right gear in an emergency survival scenario. Read all about them in our Survival Frog review.

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