2-Person 72-Hour Emergency Survival KitBrand: Emergency Essentials

Weight: Unknown

Dimensions: Unknown

People: 2

Main Features: Basic gear combined with emergency food supplies; dark blue backpack with orange detailing

Use: Emergencies and survival scenarios

Price: 59.95$


We are back to 3600 kcal total, coming from emergency food bars. You’ll also get 18 water pouches. Since they use Datrex pouches, the overall quantity is 18 x 4.2 oz or 1245ml. The backpack itself being dark blue shouldn’t attract all that much unwanted attention. The orange parts definitely don’t help, though.

Besides the usual preparedness fluff, we don’t get all that much info about the product, something a lot of companies dealing in survival gear should change post haste.

Alongside the already mentioned food bars and Datrex pouches, the kit also contains 4 hand & body warmers, emergency hooded poncho, matches, 5-in-1 whistle, 2 packs of tissues, a knife with 13 functions, 41-piece first aid kit, 3 AAA battery, LED flashlight, and a pair of work gloves.

The picture on the site also mentioned blankets, but they’re not present in the general product description. Maybe they considered blankets and body warmers to be the same thing, it’s anybody’s guess. All in all, this is a pretty affordable little emergency kit; nothing flashy, but it’ll get the job done.

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2-Person 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit Review
Updated :01.16.2019.
Rating : 8.9/10
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