1 Month Entree BucketBrand: Valley Food Storage

Size/package: 5.3-gallon square buckets/Square buckets and mylar food pouches

Weight: Unknown

Total calories: Unknown

Total servings: 60

Shelf life: 25 years

Main features: A months’ worth of entrees (an assortment of high-quality survival meals, tightly packed for ultimate shelf life); stackable buckets; nitrogen flushed

Use: Emergency scenarios

Price: 139.99$


Valley Food Storage is no stranger to real preppers and outdoor enthusiasts. The company’s pretty famous when it comes to shelf life and all of their products are completely GMO, MSG, and gluten-free.

Mylar bags are just the icing on the cake. They enable the prolonged shelf life, are less likely to break the vacuum seal and are resealable once opened. Not to mention the nitrogen flush, which has simply become a superior way of preserving food for the long run. The Entree Bucket doesn’t feature any food fillers, so what you order is exactly what you get.

Regarding contents, you’ll enjoy chicken Teriyaki, chicken pilaf, Irish pub soup, mango Habanero chili, pasta Primavera, and baked potato soup. They each come with 10 servings, which all adds up to a month of food for one person or one week for four people. The usual measurement for a person’s daily sustenance is two portions, so the math is pretty clear.

About the company

Valley Food Storage Review

Self-reliance is the one true prerequisite for utter freedom. Look ahead and get your food storage supply up and running. Think healthy, delicious, and non-perishable. Think Valley Food Storage.

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1 Month Entree Bucket Review
Updated :12.05.2018.
Rating : 8.8/10
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