7 Uses Of Rope

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Rope is a very useful resource when you’re alone in the wild, so you need to make sure that you have plenty of rope before you head out on your adventure. It’s really cheap and it would be a shame that you find yourself in one of the situations that require the use of rope and you don’t have any just because you were trying to save a few bucks. Rope can be used in many ways, which is why you should learn to employ its versatility.

1. Make a secure shelter

A shelter tied down with rope is a lot stronger than those which are not. Rope is a great addition to any shelter. It can save your shelter or even life in case of those big storms decide spoil your camping.

2. Create useful camp tools

Rope can tie three poles together to form a tripod. You can use combinations of special knots that secure poles to form many useful camp tools.

3. Useful as a clothesline

Clotheslines are necessary for drying off clothes. If you happen to get a set of clothing wet from a water source while catching fish, you can hang them up on a clothesline to quickly dry them. Just like at home.

4. Creates stronger insulation to your shelter

Your shelter is more insulated when the insulation is packed tight. A rope is useful for putting pressure on the insulation to pack it tighter.

5. Helpful in many tarp/poncho projects

Most projects with a tarp or a poncho require a rope to secure the material in some way. These projects can create some very useful camp tools, so you need to have as much rope as possible. Rope can also tie a poncho to your shelter to aid in insulation.

6. Use it as a towing device

Pulling heavy objects, such as logs for fire, into your starting point could be much easier if you had the support of a rope. Tying your rope to a large item that you need moved makes for an easier task, and it will save you a lot of usable energy too.

7. Use it to make great traps

The traps can be more efficient with rope, and will work better when catching wildlife. This will help you keep food in the wild, and will allow you to survive much longer.

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