7 Steps To Make Seawater Safe To Drink

Make Seawater Safe To Drink
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For those in coastal areas or on an ocean voyage, finding drinking water in an emergency can be a problem. With the extreme weather events occurring more often, it would be wise to learn how to make seawater safe to drink. Follow these steps and learn how to successfully make drinking water from seawater.

1. Prepare

Always carry a large plastic bag and a water container with you when you travel near the ocean.

2. Find or cut 5 branches

Three branches should be half the height of your plastic bag. One branch must be green and able to make a hoop nearly the diameter of your open bag.

The last branch must also be green and able to make a hoop half the diameter of the first hoop.

3. Make hoops

Bend the longer green branch into a circle, measuring against the inside diameter of the opened bag and tie in place.

Repeat the process with the smaller green branch making certain it’s half the diameter of the first hoop.


4. Build frame

Cut the remaining branches to equal lengths about half the height of your open bag. Use shoestrings or cordage to secure the branches at equal distances around the diameter of the large hoop. Use the same method to secure the other ends of the branches to the small hoop.

5. Build a seawater distiller

Place the large diameter hoop into the bag so that it rests on the bottom. Place your water container in the middle of the large hoop. Place a clean rock into the water container to keep it in place. This is the working parts of a seawater distiller.

6. Place seawater in the bag

Use an expedient method to carry seawater to your distiller such as using your shirt as a bag. You might find a bottle or a can on the shore. Fill the bag with seawater. Make certain the seawater doesn’t enter the water container inside.

Tie the top of the bag closed and push it down through the smaller hoop so that it points downward into the water container. Place a rock into this indentation keeping the plastic in place.

7. How it works

Place the distiller in the sun. The seawater will gradually heat up and evaporate leaving its salt and minerals behind, but will have no means of escape through the plastic bag. Fresh water will condense on the plastic and drip down into the water container.

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