6 Ways How To Locate Water In A Survival Situation

how to locate water
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While most people are well acquainted with the dangers of excessive heat or cold, many people are not as familiar with the dangers presented by dehydration. Therefore, locating a source of fresh, drinkable water in a survival situation is of paramount importance.

1. Look for water in valleys and depressions

Because water always flows downhill it is where the landscape is the lowest in elevation compared to the surrounding terrain. Consequently, in order to find water in the wilderness, look for it in valleys, depressions and low lying areas.

2. Look for water in shaded areas

If you’re stranded in an arid or semi-arid environment, then you should look for water in shaded areas such as draws and canyons where the sun cannot evaporate it as quickly as in direct sunlight.

3. Dig a shallow well

If you happen to find yourself on a coastal plain or saltwater island, then being aware that rainfall often accumulates in the soil and that it floats above the saltwater in the soil can be your salvation. Often times, digging a shallow well can provide a source of fresh water.

4. Follow the birds

Many bird species that feed exclusively on grains tend to do so throughout morning and then fly to a source of water in the afternoon before heading to their roosts. Thus, following these bird species can lead you to water.

5. Avoid drinking still or stagnant water

Once you have located a source of fresh water, you should avoid drinking still or stagnant water if possible, because it’s more likely to contain microbial contaminants such as Giardia.

6. Filter, treat, or boil still or stagnant water

If still or stagnant water is the only source available, then filtering said water, treating it chemically or boiling it before drinking it, is a wise idea. Consequently, water purification tablets, numerous types of water filters and various desalination filters are available that will enable you to safely consume water drawn from even the most unpleasant of sources.

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