6 Reasons Why You Need To Purify Your Water

Purify Your Water
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Purifying your water is an important thing that you should always try to do before you drink it. Purifying your water ensures that you’re safe from the harmful things that can be found in wild water such as bacteria and parasites.

1. The water might be ridden with parasites

The water in the wilderness is always questionable when it comes to parasites inhabiting it. If you ingest these parasites, they can continue living and start to grow by feeding off of your body. Gross, but true. So, purify that water!

2. The water may contain bacteria particles

Similar to the previous point, though less scary. Bacteria particles in the water you’re drinking can make you very sick. Sometimes, the bacteria can also be fatal depending on the type.

3. Purifying water provides you with reassurance

Most people will be skeptical about drinking water found in the wild. Some water sources may be quite dirty (actually, considering the previous points, they will be), so when you purify the water it will provide you with some reassurance and an ease of mind. Believe us, you want it.

4. It will save you energy in the long run

If your body has to fight off those nasty bacteria, it will use up more of your energy. Your energy is a vital thing in the wilderness, so you should try to preserve it as much as possible.

5. It lowers the risk of you dying in the wild

As stated before, your energy will be wasted by trying to fight off the bacteria in the water – not to mention get eaten from the inside if you consume those freaky parasites. So make the wise decision, and purify your water!

6. It allows you to be more productive

In the wild, you have to do a lot to survive. This could be blocked or hampered by the sickness that unclean water may give you. Just in case we haven’t made it clear enough already.

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